About Us

“Oh The Places You’ll Go!”

~ Dr. Seuss ~

Our alpaca journey began with a conversation with good friends over supper. The anticipation of becoming “empty nesters” played into our decision to make a lifestyle change. We had livestock experience with cattle and swine as the kids grew up and the basic knowledge lent itself to our new found venture.

We visited some amazing alpaca farms, made close friends and established knowledgeable mentors. There is a true passion, exuberance and sincerity in these farmers and we knew that this alpaca community was for us! We started with two females then quickly jumped, adding one more girl and two males.
We knew it was necessary to become acquainted with a camelid vet. (The nearest is 50+ miles away.) He’s the greatest to work with and loves it when we tell him, “well, this is what the book says…”.

The chores provide just another opportunity to establish a relationship with each alpaca as well as getting to know their individual behaviors and health status. Even “scooping poo” provides a sense of relaxation and the dogs love to ride along on the 4 wheeler pulling the manure spreader.

To come home from our day jobs to alpacas that know their name when called and run and jump with excitement at our arrival is still one of the endearing aspects that we look forward to every day.

To date, our network of alpacas friends and mentors stretch from coast to coast.

Our plan is to remain a smaller, high quality farm for best operating purposes and maintaining consistent integrity.