Six Blessings

Miss Rosie (almost 3 months old)

Rose-Meri’s Miraculous Journey “Miss Rosie” (almost 3 months old and 630 bottle feedings and counting).              Sire:  Dancing Elk’s Remmington      Photo by Kacie Q. Photography



There’s always like the child-like excitement and wonder when we have a new cria. Much decision-making goes in to planning breeding pairs but it can all be a surprise at delivery time. There are also many reassurances, too, when you see the outcome is even better than you expected.

Our herdsire Remmington sired 3  of our six crias with strong confirmation, amazing consistency in the rose-grey coloring, crimp and staple length.  He’s now much more than PROVEN. When bred to black he throws rose grey!



Evereux "Tator". Sire: Dancing Elk's Remmington

Evereux “Tator”
Sire: Dancing Elk’s Remmington



Mr Allure “Doodle” Sire: Dancing Elk’s Creyendo Fe Photo by Kacie Q. Photography


Ike's Summit

Ike’s Summit Sire: Nanjing Photo by Kacie Q. Photography

Harry "Winston"

Harry “Winston” Sire: Silverado’s Peruvian Silver Fox



Revolution "Rev"  Sire: Remmington

Revolution “Rev”
Sire: Dancing Elk’s Remmington      Photo by Kacie Q. Photography